World Healer Conference

The World Healer Conference this year was amazing and wonderful as always. It was a great reminder that 2012 is not going to be the end of lightness, but the beginning. It is the continuation of a shift.
I belong to a group, the World Healer Institute. The intent of the World Healers is to raise the wellness level of World consciousness, and cleanse the Collective Consciousness of self-destructive thoughts.
This year, we had speakers who ‘channel’ information from the Archangel Michael, Krishna, Metatron, and other loving sources. All sources reminded us that the Shift is about releasing heaviness, letting go of old perspectives that don’t help us anymore. I had fun.
David Santangelo came this year. I’ll give you a quote from the guidance that he receives: “The River of Time is flowing towards love. It is flowing towards each and every one of us, and thus our collective human consciousness, awakening to greater and greater states of love. The essence of love, the ocean of love, is from where all things were born, and it is what people have named God, Allah, Great Spirit, or The One.” His book is called The Way Home.
I so wish I could give you the feeling of being there in words. But, I only have words. So, you might imagine a time when you felt happy in a peaceful, calm way. Really, allow yourself to feel the feeling. It was like that.
Wishing all the very best. Katy Redmon

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