15th Step Overview

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The 15th Step is a simple, self-trance process that vibrates the physical body to the proper vibration to match the frequency of guides and masters of the Inner World. It is an actual place you visit, a bridge between the material and the non-material world where you can go to heal the cells of the body and begin to learn about the “other side”, what it is all about and how to make your life work as an energy being in a human body.

The 15th Step uses the principles of spirituality, science and energy to bring you to a place where physical and emotional balance are attained and you can get answers to your life questions.

Can anyone visit the 15th Step or do you need to have special abilities?

The 15th Step is a self-hypnosis process that was designed for everyone to be able to do. No special abilities are needed, as we have now entered a time on the planet where all human beings can access the higher vibrations and can access their inner truths. As the planet speeds up and consciousness continues to expand, it will soon be very necessary for the human body to be vibrating faster to match the speed of changes on the planet. Effects of thought and thinking on the body have become more immediate, making the body more susceptible to sensitive illnesses and making it more necessary to keep the body and thinking in balance. The 15th step is an easy way to learn how to speed the body’s vibration to keep the cells balanced and healthy. By keeping the body “temple” healthy, one can then connect to the divine within and access spiritual truths – to improve one’s daily life.

How is the 15th Step different from prayer and meditation?

Meditation and prayer are ways to quiet the inner being. In meditation and prayer, the physical body is slowed down and the connection to spirit is made only through the mental mind. The 15th Step is different in that it is designed to accelerate the body’s vibration to equal the vibration used by inner guides and beings of light and wisdom.

When the body and mind are at a heightened speed, an amazing communication occurs. This heightened communication cannot be accomplished while the body is generating at the denser, slower speed used in everyday living and in prayer and mediation. Answers can be attained through the practice of prayer and meditation, but the physical body in these processes is left behind.

How can the 15th Step change my life?

There are countless stories that can be told about healings and spiritual connections that have been made on the 15th Step. Experiences range from feeling color, heat, sound and vibration on the body, to having psychic surgery on the body. Many people have had eyesight and hearing changed, leg length changes, birthmarks removed and countless other types of physical balancing and healing.

Experiencing the power of the 15th Step, many report an overwhelming feeling of divine love and oneness as they feel the connection to their divine masters and teachers for the very first time. Spiritual masters and guides have visited many; including Jesus, Buddha, Edgar Cayce and other more personal guides the person is connected to. Some have had the opportunity to visit loved ones who have passed over and heal old wounds and past relationships. The experience you have visiting the 15th Step will change your life. You will discover the “bridge” between yourself in your material existence and the spiritual, non-material inner world of healers and teachers. More importantly you will discover a way to maintain this communication, on your own without having to go to any other person to connect you to your truth.

The 15th Step Process can be learned in a Two Day Seminar – however most people find that true transformation occurs with multiple seminars and ongoing practice and support.

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