Medical Hypnosis for Chronic Pain Relief

Do you have chronic pain?  Self-employed business owners can be affected in particular; pain effects business. How can you see customers or clients if you need time off work?  You may have to make doctor’s appointments or see a physical therapist.  It’s so difficult to concentrate on business when all you can think of is how much you hurt.  It takes up your thoughts, time, and energy.

How much of this pain do you really have to live with?  What if you could relieve the pain?  It’s possible to find relief, either temporarily, long term, or both.

Hypnosis is a method for increasing the time you are pain free.  Clients learn self-hypnosis and work directly with me to relieve pain.

Dive in.  It’s safe.  You can play with the hypnotic process and discover what works best for you to relieve yourself of chronic pain and enjoy more time for your business.

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