It’s the time again of quiet, of less light, of going within.

It is the time again.  The time of less light, of quiet, of going within.  The time of year that our bodies want to rest, at least mine does.  Yet it is the time of increased activity and sugar and alcohol buzzes to keep us moving.

My family is creating new rituals for this season.  We put our names in a hat to draw one person instead of 10.  We walk; we take a yoga class together.  I have a big note in my car that says “Breathe”.  I see it when I get in.

I hope you are taking opportunities to counter the stress.  Of course the children in my family are young adults now or too little to know what’s going on.  But I still remember Christmas shopping in San Francisco for the toy of the year for my son.  It was an action figure.  I was searching through the crowds in every store in the Bay Area.  I turned down the aisle at one store to face a small crowd of young men looking for that toy to save for resale value.  The frustrated clerk was on a ladder.  There was one left and everyone wanted it.  He looked out and said,  “Does anyone here actually have a child?”   My hand went up; all the young men turned to look.  The clerk took that opportunity to pass the toy over their heads to me.  Pass caught.  Goal!  Luckily, I wasn’t  tackled. (But, I think the guys felt a bit guilty.)

I don’t miss all that.  If you are rushing, I hope you look for those opportunities to breathe deeply, to relax, to rest.  Wishing you the best!gold-snowflake-star-blue-stars-background-glitter-ornament-bokeh-copy-space-46069261

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